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Rather that talk about ourselves, below we will present actual reviews, feedback and comments from both dealers and consumers.

The cover is gorgeous! It fits perfectly so the instructions for measuring were spot on. The wind doesn’t bother it a bit (and we are having high winds today) it was easy to put on and I am just so very happy with the quality of it. I am so happy to have a product that is MADE IN THE USA!!
Again thank you so very much.
Your new very satisfied customer,
Barbara Jo Bryant”

Apr 25, 2019

We purchased our Hot tub one year ago from Home Depot. We chose a plug and play hot tub for easiness (bad decision living in Ohio). The cover that came with the hot tub was decent but meant for warmer climates. Over the winter our hot tub couldn’t keep up with the frigid temperatures and was always nearly 10-15 degrees lower than the desired temp.

I decided to stop wasting money on electric and buy a new one. The company is by far the best in Customer Service I’ve dealt with in a long time. It came a week earlier than expected and sent right to my door. I replaced it that day and you can see a visible difference in thickness as well as other details. I chose to have the padded liner throughout the middle – which I think makes the biggest difference in heat loss. It fit perfectly even though I was nervous about the measurements. It almost has a vapor lock seal when you pull it up. I immediately saw a difference in my Hot Tub temp and which resulted in an even bigger difference in my Electric bill! I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend this company to anyone. “

Apr 2, 2019

I just talked with my spa person that works on my unit and he wanted to know all about the cover. I explained how it was made to my request and well made. He wanted the contact information and I gave him one of the cards that I received. He said that he will use the information for people requesting a good company for covers. Thank you and I appreciate your kindness.”

Mar 07, 2019

I was leaning towards buying a cover from The Cover Guys until I read their reviews. I fairly certain I purchased my last cover from them and it seems they’ve let their quality standards drop. Lots of complaints about inferior craftsmanship and poor Customer Service. I’m hoping this is the better alternative

I ordered expedited delivery for my cover and wasn’t let down. However, the covers card board shipping container arrived looking terrible, it was pretty beat up and torn in several places. I was out of town when the cover arrived and my co-worker wrote “DAMAGED” on the delivery slip as instructed. I wasn’t expecting issues with the manufacturer after reading many of their reviews. In fact they reached out to me before I was able to view the cover as delivered. The main reason I went with this company is due to their on-line reviews and seeing how another manufacturer charges $hipping for return$. I was very happy to find my cover in perfect condition after removing it from the box. It fits great and looks even better. Since delivery I’ve been contacted to make sure I’m happy with my cover, it’s nice to know a company stands behind their product.. : )”

Dec 13, 2018

I just purchased a new hot tub cover. You came highly recommended by my neighbor who bought one. Very very easy to order from. Many hints and pics to guide the way with measurements. Very happy with there service so far.”

Oct 24, 2018

My cover is awsome! Fits so tight and real quality build đŸ™‚ Winter is harsh in New Hampshire and this cover is built for it!

Nov 28, 2018

I ordered this hot tub cover for my parents and they have been so impressed! My Dad loves that it is so lightweight and effortless to flip open. We will be interested to see whether or not it becomes waterlogged in the future as many hot tub covers do but at this point we are very happy with it! Customer service was simple and straightforward and the communication from the company was great! Dimensions of the cover came just as ordered and it fits perfectly. My Dad loves that it is almost a vacuum seal and seems to keep the heat in very well”

Oct 15, 2018

I am So Amazed with this HotTub Cover, it’s So well Made and fits so Perfectly, I live at 7400 ft Elevation and Snow can easily exceed 4 ft. This cover with the extra dense Foam will Really hold up.AWESOME PRODUCT. GOOD JOB GUYS.”

Oct 02, 2018