Spa Cover Incorporated is the only cover manufacturer to provide complete cover customization when ordering. Our Design-Your-Own strategy permits our clients to configure their order to the environmental needs and budget of their customers. Every single component is selected when ordering including handle locations and styles, fixed or adjustable straps, strap locations, hinged or separate, number of foam panels, etc. Our competitors highlight the selection they offer, but this only means the range of sizes and shapes.

This extra manufacturing effort for complete customization allows us to put our clients in full control. It is supported by our intelligent and dynamic online ordering system. On a single, simple page, our clients make their selections as necessary for each and every component to be included (or not included) in each cover.

Actual Design-Your-Own ordering section for spa cover tie down straps

Sizes and Shapes

We can manufacture covers of ANY length, and any width up to ten feet. We make covers for swim spas of all sizes.

Replacement Cover Components

We supply customized replacement parts for damaged covers. Our clients can select a single foam, multiple foams or only the exterior vinyl jacket.

This provides a high service level to the consumer and minimizes the cost for replacement components.

For example, dented foam can easily and inexpensively be replaced without having to replace the whole cover.

Unzipping the pocket and sliding in the replacement foam.

One or more replacement foam panels can be ordered
Locking hardware clips for the tie down straps