Hot Tub & Spa Covers

Standard Covers

We manufacture standard covers, up to 100″ x 100″, in varying thickness foams including tapered and flat. Covers can be further customized with more dense foams with 1.0#, 1.5# and 2.0# foam densities offered.

Swim Spa Covers & Over 100″ Covers

For swim spas or any cover that exceeds 100″ in either length, width or diameter if round, we manufacture custom replacement covers with three or more panels. Covers can be any length, but cannot exceed 120″ in width or diameter. The cover length will be divided into as many panels as necessary, with the maximum panel width of 48″.

Typical four panel cover – Middle two panels are flat and end panels are tapering. End panel pairs are hinged together with a flap that covers the middle where the panels butt up against each other.

Walk On Covers

For spas that are inset into a deck or flush with the coping surrounding the spa, we offer Walk On covers that can support the weight of three adults. These are made by laminating fiberglass sheeting to the top and bottom of each foam panel, to give the cover the strength required to prevent someone from falling through the cover into the spa. These can be made to the size limits shown above.

Templates or Patterns

For unusual shapes or one off spas, we accept templates or patterns. The cover will be manufactured to match the template provided, without alteration.